UNICORP serves more than 350 medical care institutions and private sectors, by providing global pharmaceutical products and distribution services with the highest levels of efficiency and technology, and other services along with the generic drugs purchase program on both the domestic and international levels.
Supply Chain
Distributions: Due to the sensitivity of the sector in which we work, we always care about the safety and security of our own distributions, through:
  • Owning a fleet of trucks that reaches all parts of the country.
  • Preparing a cooling facility.
  • Having a team of specialists in the supply chain; ensuring on-time delivery, with full commitment to provide the highest and most prestigious level of our services.
  • High safety standards while handling products.
Our Storage Systems
Our stores are located in three locations inside Saudi Arabia; and we use the latest technology with the highest standards for better storage; in order to enhance the medical care for patients within the pharmaceutical supply chain, in terms of:
  • Shelf life and storage.
  • Spacious areas equipped with a cooling facility.
  • Labels and pamphlets in the package.
  • A device for material handling.
  • Providing specialists to follow up with the quality and storage system.
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