About unicorp
Our History
The United Corporation for Pharmaceutical and Medical Services (UNICORP) was established in 1992 as an independent entity. It was Mr. Al-Muhaisen, who has found an opportunity to establish an enormous edifice to become a prestigious constitution in the pharmaceutical industries. He found that he could contribute significantly in this field, which would give the medical care providers in institution and private sectors a great service in their work scope , in 2012, United Corporation became a part of ABDUL MOHSEN ABDUL RAHMAN AL-MOHAISEN SONS HOLDING CO.
Our Company now is one of the top companies operating in the pharmaceutical industries field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; as we provide solutions to all hospitals, health care centers all over the country THROUGH OUR HEADQUATER LOCATED IN RIYADH, we are the official representatives in the Kingdom for many BRAND & generic LARG pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
Our Team
The Company is characterized by a specialized work team trained at the highest level of medical services provision; to achieve the best desired standards results; in order to reach the highest level of safety and security. Furthermore, we have an organizational and management structure that never allows complacency or transgression, especially with regard to the quality and safety standards…and we provide the best services to our valued customers.
Khaled AL-Mugail
Dr. Al-Husseini Hassan
Bachelor of Medicine from Tanta University in Arab Republic of Egypt, 1992
Institutional Sales Manager
Mohammed Al-Komy
Bachelor of Commerce from Tanta University in Arab Republic of Egypt, 1987
Chief Financial Officer
Pharmacist Muhammad Ali
Bachelor of Pharmacy from Al - Azhar University in Arab Republic of Egypt, 2002
Regional Director of the Central Province
Dr. Mohamed Al-Hagrasy
Bachelor of Pharmacy from Zagazig University in Arab Republic of Egypt, 1995
Sales Manager of the Western Province
Hossam Gharib
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from Cairo University in Arab Republic of Egypt, 1995
Regional Manager of the Western Province
Mohammed Maher Cheik Albsatina
IT Manager
Our Vision
To become a sustainable supplier, a preferred partner, and the first choice for our customers in the pharmaceutical industries field for all the medicines and drugs; to enjoy good health throughout life; in addition to providing medical and pharmaceutical supplies and cosmetics.
Our Mission
We work closely with our partners to assure delivering high quality and efficient healthcare. Together we will surely excel at improving human life.
Our Values
There is no time for guessing or putting estimates in our organization; as our work concerns people’s lives the lives of the people, so we are very strict when it comes to the following values:
  • Responsibility
  • Confidence
  • Cooperation
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Quality
  • Customer needs
Our Location
UNICORP runs its operations, to reach all the medical sectors in Saudi Arabia. We have a number of branches for pharmaceutical distributions; preceded by our centers, which assume a strategic position in the Central Province in Riyadh, the Western Region in Jeddah, and the Eastern Province in Dammam.
Our Points of Excellence and our Expertise
are represented in the following:
  • Marketing
  • Efficient FF
  • Distribution and Storage
  • Financial support
  • Registration
Our Motto
United Corporation... Quality with Affordable Prices... Rest assured! We care about you! The affordable quality, we care.
Through our continued support for medical services providers, we help them make smarter decisions regarding business operations and medical care.
We work with distinguished pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide advanced medical treatments, which lead to better care and achieve the desired results.
Health Strategies
Health Strategies In the framework of the latest innovative network models, we link our teams with the latest most advanced technology; in order to provide the finest medical care services for patients.
We support pharmacies to improve their work performance, and we create opportunities to attract customers, through providing a wide range of medical supplies and services, which can be provided to them.
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