Our Business
UNICORP provides a comprehensive range of medical and pharmaceutical products for hospitals, pharmacies and medical centers, using the latest technology; as well as marketing, selling and distributing pharmaceutical PRODUCTS, medical equipment, COSMETICS and supplies within the Kingdom. The Company is considered as the main engine, which constantly drives all the workers in the medical field to enhance the medical care of the patients.
We have extensive experience established on firm grounds in the field of generic drugs and pharmaceutical products of famous brands in Saudi Market; as we were able in a short time to establish strong partnerships and relationships built on trust with all the companies, bodies, institutions, and organizations specializing in the pharmaceutical sector in particular, and the entire medical sector in general.
The United Corporation assumes an advanced position in pharmaceutical industry market in the Kingdom, enabling it to maintain solid growth rate, and this unrivaled success was positively reflected on its strong and vital presence in the Saudi Market.
The United Corporation is characterized by the extent of its range of services to cover the domestic market both institution and private sector with high efficiency; as the United Corporation has close ties with many government and civil legislative authorities; in addition to medical and professional institutions and organizations, proceeding from the quality of its products, its adherence to the ethics of professional practices, and its effective and efficient presence emerging from its huge investments in various marketing, sales, and pharmaceutical legislation sectors.
The Company has recently expanded its business to extend towards the establishment of an Oncology Centre, which has been equipped and supplied with the latest technology for Proton therapy, with a total cost of one billion Saudi riyals. We are the first leaders in this field in the whole region, starting from placing the cornerstone up until its launch and excellence; which added to us a new feature through which we acquire leadership among the companies operating in this sector; and this fact has opened the door before UNICORP to obtain numerous international awards and certificates in this field, and made the United Corporation’s name a new synonym to the terms of quality and high technology, and an assurance document for experience and safety.
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